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Sugoi Software is a software development company focused on creating powerful web and mobile applications, bespoke websites, and online tools in Kanagawa, Japan and Houston, Texas.

We pride ourselves on creating user-friendly, well designed websites that adhere to web standards. We are passionate about the internet and use our vast array of knowledge on the subject to create solutions that meet our clients' needs and provide on-going advice to help them succeed online.

We believe in great design. A well-designed site will draw users in and keep them coming back. With so many online competitors, it is vital that a users first impression of your website is a good one.

Technology, and the internet, is constantly evolving and we stay on the cutting edge so that we can advise our clients on new trends that will keep them ahead of the competition and provide more customer conversions.

We are deeply passionate about sharing our knowledge to help our clients, providing the quality of service that only a small company can.


Demo and Load Test Development – Humanify (Teletech)

Worked directly with the CTO and Director of Solutions to develop four systems: a platform for quickly developing custom technology demos, a real-time chat load test system, a point-and-click API validator, and an authentication gateway microservice.

Demo Platform allowed sales engineers to quickly and easily build sales demos using reusable widgets.

The Chat load test system simulated agents and customers allowing us to stress test chat infastructure across availability zones. Offered a realtime d3.js based interface for monitoring progress and latency of the load test. Supported archiving and "replaying" the load test results into a file for investigating issues that may have occured during the run.

Built a point and click tool for use by customer support for troubleshooting API configuration and setup. Before this tool support had to escalate to ops for most testing issues.

The authentication gateway acted as a bridge between an iOS app and an LDAP server for authentication exposed via REST API.

  • node.js
  • express
  • websockets
  • d3
  • Q
  • jQuery
  • ldap
  • jwt
  • nunjucks
  • REST
  • soap
  • bootstrap

Medley – Cox Media Group

We worked as part of a team extending a custom Django Content Management System powering over 100 newspaper, radio, and television websites.

Our primary area of focus was on implementing the redesign the mobile free newspaper websites: Atlanta Journal Constitution, Austin-American Statesman, Palmbeach Post, and Dayton Daily News.

We built the first NextGen video player for the mobile sites, leading implementation for the other properties. We also developed and presented a tool allowing QA and Developers to save time by reindexing content in the system with a single click.

  • django
  • python
  • celery
  • less
  • agile
  • scrum
  • postgres
  • git
  • bootstrap
  • jquery
  • jenkins

Asset Management & Protection –Nuve, Inc

Nuve is the leading start up tacking asset management protection. We worked with Nuve to build their native iOS app to allow users to interface directly with the Nuve Platform from their smartphones. It also allows them to to recieve push notfications when assets are compromised.

As Nuve has grown, they've come to us to help prototype, design, and build new products so their solutions can be used in new markets.

Nuve Asset Management & Protection for iOS

  • ios
  • objective-c
  • afnetworking
  • rest
  • api
  • django
  • vagrant

Access –Dental Health Management Solutions

We built a custom Contractor Management and Logistics system from the ground up, replacing a patchwork of systems with a single, unified, platform.

Working with internal customers we were able to: automate portions of the staffing workflow, digitalize the contractor payment workflow, cutting processing time in half, and trained the staff in company-wide training sessions on the software.

  • django
  • python
  • celery
  • postgis
  • rabbitmq
  • aws
  • twillio
  • nginx
  • git
  • fabric

Website –Waste Water Management, Inc.

We built a custom django based website for WWMI.

The website has a custom brochure module allowing users to print off custom PDF project summaries straight from the website.

Waste Water Management, Inc.

  • django
  • django-cms
  • python
  • reportlab
  • pdf
  • nginx
  • git

Website –Taste In Music

We worked with an agency to build out the a new kind of online publication, the “Slow Food” of the Australian music media.

The website is a responsive and powered by django-cms. It has a custom plugin to facilitate reviews of wine and beer.

Taste In Music

  • django
  • python
  • django-cms
  • foundation

Website –Tradewinds Consulting, KK

We worked with an agency to build out a new website for TradeWinds Consulting using Django and Django-CMS. The website integrates with the staff's existing recruitment software and is fully bi-lingual in English and Japanese.

TradeWinds Consulting

  • django
  • python
  • django-cms



Kwoosh is a new way to plan, build, and maintain your software products.

Manage your software products


ImageXY is a batch image resizer for OS X. It was featured on the cover of MacWorld magazine in October 2011.

Make your photos look their best on the web with ImageXY


Foodgram is a Food Dairy designed to help you track what you eat without cluttering up your photostream for iPhone. People who track what they eat become conscious of what they're putting in their mouth each day

Eat healthier with Foodgram


Jisho is the easiest to use Japanese-English dictionary for the Mac. It supports automatic transliteration of Japanese to Roman letters, making it a great dictionary for beginners.

Start Learning Japanese

Jisho Touch

Jisho is the easiest to use Japanese-English dictionary for iOS. It supports automatic transliteration of Japanese to Roman letters, making it a great dictionary for beginners.

Start Learning Japanese

Open Source

We like to give back to the open source community where possible.


Airbot monitors the air quality data in Texas and provides a REST API. @kuukihouston uses this service to tweet air quality warnings.



This is a BSD licensed Django package to help developers work with Mailgun. It's API compatible, allows users to send email with Mailgun specific attributes (campaigns, tags etc …) and validate email addresses with ease.

Send email with custom Mailgun attributes and more.


This is a small MIT licensed class to help developers duplicate UIPopovers, usually only available on iPad, on iPhone.

Get SSPopupHeaderView

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